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and Participating Organisation must levy the Capital Markets Development Fund Levy from the 23rd of November 2021.
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• Replacing Carbon Fuel With Nitrogen: Chemists Discover New Way To Harness Energy From Ammonia
A research team at the University of Wisconsin–Madison has identified a new way to convert ammonia to nitrogen gas through a process that could be a step toward ammonia replacing carbon-based fuels. The discovery of this technique, which uses a metal catalyst and releases, rather than requires, energy, was reported on November 8, 2021, in Nature...
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JMP News - Santos and Oil Search Proposed Merger
Scheme Booklet for Proposed Merger of Oil Search Limited and Santos Limited has been released. Investors must read it carefully and consider their vote carefully.
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• COP26 ends with global agreement to accelerate action on climate this decade
Climate negotiators ended two weeks of intense talks on Saturday with consensus on urgently accelerating climate action.  The Glasgow Climate Pact, combined with increased ambition and action from countries, means that 1.5C remains in sight, but it will only be delivered with concerted and immediate global efforts. 
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End of life for fossil fuels
About half of the world’s fossil fuel assets will be worthless by 2036 under a net zero transition, according to research. Countries that are slow to decarbonise will suffer but early movers will profit; the study finds that renewables and freed-up investment will more than make up for the losses to the global economy.
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Papau New Guinea LNG
Estimates recently released by JMP Securities, show that the current aggregate revenues to the Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd (KPHL) from the project this year is between US$750 million and US$775 million (about K2.5 billion and K2.6 billion) based on the high prices currently being achieved.
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Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
Saudi Arabia said Middle Eastern economies will be boosted by efforts to cut planet-warming gases and announced a fund to invest in carbon-capture technology.
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Global economy emerging from Covid19
Global Economic Outlook Q3 2021: Picking Up Steam, Fueled By Vaccinations. The effective end of the pandemic is approaching, particularly for the most advanced economies, as vaccinations become widely available, severe COVID-19 cases fall, and economies reopen. This is happening earlier and faster than previously assumed, driving both growth and inflation higher.
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China’s Economy Is Reeling From Successive Punches: Eco Week - Bloomberg: China is counting the cost of a multiple whammy of hits to its economy, from a crackdown on the property market and an energy crunch to stringent virus controls and soaring commodity prices.   
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Biofuel is a type of fuel that is produced from biomass (that is from plants and animal material). Unlike fossil fuels which take time to form because of the slow geological process, biofuels are readily available and can be produced from other sources apart from plants such as industrial waste with biological origin.
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