Green Hydrogen Economy

The Weekly JMP Report

5 Signs the Green Hydrogen Economy is Just Getting Started.

The dream of a global hydrogen economy has tantalized policymakers ever since the 1970s when researchers began to discuss how the ubiquitous, clean-burning fuel could replace coal, oil and natural gas. Skeptics have had 50 years to scoff at the notion, but it looks like hydrogen fans are getting the last laugh — and that could open up new pathways for scaling up green hydrogen and, in the bigger picture, decarbonization across multiple commercial sectors.

Melaleuca dieback

The Weekly JMP Report

Mining Impacts Across the Ok Tedi & Fly River Floodplains.

The flood plains of the Ok Tedi and Fly River extend over approximately 3,500 km2 and from the air appear to be an uninhabited wilderness of intact forests, woodlands and swamps. However, natural resources of the riverine landscape support several small, but remote, subsistence communities that are dependent upon the landscape for their livelihoods and wellbeing.