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Secure Custodian Services

As an investor in Papua New Guinea and international markets, you may decide that it is efficient, secure and convenient to appoint JMP Securities as your Custodian of some or all of your financial instruments. 
In that case, you will be asked to enter into a Custodian Agreement that you will need to execute in order to avail these services.
Needless to say, every Custodian Agreement with a client is customized and as such, once you have informed us that you are ready to appoint JMP as your Custodian, our team will contact you to understand how your circumstances and aspirations can be incorporated in this document before it is executed. 

A custodian arrangement may be entered into by an investor for a host of reasons, however some of the more common ones include:

  • Easing the administration of your investment holdings
  • Allowing you to access markets outside of Papua New Guinea
  • Convenient and detailed reporting on your holdings
  • Ease and convenience of trading
  • Discretion



Ease of Administration

As Custodian, JMP will be responsible for keeping track of all of the nominated security holdings and transactions. 
We will be responsible for receiving and recording dividends, interest income and coupons as well as any maturing instruments or investments. 
It is also our responsibility to inform you of redemptions, rights issues, bonus issues or other matters relating to your individual securities holdings.

This allows you to spend more time on analyzing and understanding your holdings and evaluating other opportunities. 

Convenient Trading

As a client of JMP’s custodian services, your trading is effected simply by confirming your orders to us in writing and we will access the markets for you directly.


Access Global Markets

JMP has access to and relationships in a range of financial markets around the globe, including Australia, Europe and the United States of America. Our clients may invest in these markets through us as custodian. 
This has the potential to open a plethora of global investment and diversification benefits.

Detailed reporting

We provide all of our custodian services clients with detailed quarterly holding statements which allow you a clear picture of current holdings and the income derived from your investments.


Modern capital markets are built on transparency and open source information.
However, there are some limited benefits available to investors in terms of discretion from working with a Custodian.

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