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Melaleuca dieback
Mining Impacts Across the Ok Tedi & Fly River Floodplains. The flood plains of the Ok Tedi and Fly River extend over approximately 3,500 km2 and from the air appear to be an uninhabited wilderness of intact forests, woodlands and swamps. However, natural resources of the riverine landscape support several small, but remote, subsistence communities that...
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Change in global economy
We are currently experiencing profound changes in the global economy that are likely to unleash a plethora of early-stage secular trends in a new inflationary regime. These are long-overdue structural shifts powered by decades of easy money policies and record levels of debt-to-GDP among developed economies.
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The $150 Billion Road Electric School Buses Can Ride To Create American Jobs And Protect Kids’ Health
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Safe, clean, nuclear future?
Gates believes that if we are able to expand access to affordable and clean electricity, it would drastically improve living conditions for millions and would ultimately be a huge step in lifting those people out of poverty.
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Gold set to soar
How is Gold performing and what does it tell us about the broader economy
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US Federal Reserve starts raise interest rates – Implications for Australia and Investors
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Crypto: more than a speculative mania? One in five Australians already own some form of cryptocurrency1, and that is set to double in coming years2.
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A rendering of Airbus' Airbus Zero E concept. Photo credit: Airbus.
Fortescue Future Industries says it wants to speed up the development of aircraft fuelled by green hydrogen, as part of a push to decarbonise the aviation industry, forming a new partnership with European aircraft giant Airbus.
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CONTAINER PREMIUMS: Market continues to dwindle amid increased sailing space with rates slightly above FAK as ex-China demand remains hampered.
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US Economy 2022
Four Reasons to expect a softer US Economy in 2022. The US economy is facing numerous headwinds in 2022 which will slow US economic growth.
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